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Hi friends! Thank you. I hope you enjoyed Sathi and Zakiy’s adventures in her quest to find the truth of what happened to her mother.


When I wrote Wolves Within I was a student. I lived in London, but was born and brought up for about half of my childhood in Kerala, India. Apart from some scribbled short stories at a young age, I never wrote a line more than I had to - the idea of writing fiction was no more than a half-formed thought lounging somewhere at the back of my mind, a remote possibility for the (very) distant future. When I at last began to give it some serious thought, I encountered a severe problem: I didn’t have a story to write about. As I could see no way around this rather discouraging issue, I packed up my rudimentary notes on novel-writing and almost forgot about it. Almost. No one was more surprised than me when, some six months later (on New Year’s Day, 2013, in fact), I found myself abruptly, furiously, obsessively penning Sathi’s story to life. And thus Wolves Within was born.


Currently I’m living a rather harried life in Rome, studying to be a doctor. Although my first draft of Doves in Flight was penned 3 years ago, I’ve only now had a breather to edit and publish it. I hope you enjoy it as much as you did Wolves Within! Stay tuned, as the third and final volume of the Prism of Truth trilogy is on its way!

Shivon Sudesh


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thriller novel




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